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Tigerpath Top 25
Final Results!!!

1. Oridgers (.783) 126 - 35

2. SNAKEMAN (.774) 123 - 36

3. The Buck System (.772) 122 - 36

4. Angrytiger (.761) 118 - 37

5. CAWAREAGLE (.759) 120 - 38

6. *AUTIGER5 (.752) 121 - 40

6. Brandon (.752) 121 - 40

8. CA Tiger (.748) 119 - 40

8. Otis (.748) 119 - 40

10. AUTiger069 (.742) 118 - 41

11. David White (.741) 117 - 41

11. Prattville Tiger (.741) 117 - 41

13. The Rock (.734) 116 - 42

14. Auburn96 (.733) 118 - 43

15. IM4AUin98 (.727) 117 - 44

15. TigerPounce (.727) 117 - 44

17. CLAWYER (.718) 112 - 44

18. MAN1000FCS (.715) 113 - 45

19. Shane51 (.712) 111 - 45

20. BOOBE96 (.710) 110 - 45

21. Dustmite (.709) 112 - 46

22. AU79POOLE (.708) 114 - 47

22. AUBIE (.708) 114 - 47

22. BULLTIGER (.708) 114 - 47

22. Les11760 (.708) 114 - 47

* Just playing for fun! I'm not eligible for prizes - Pink

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The Contest !!!

In honor of TIGERPATH'S 10,000th hit, which may have already passed by the time you're reading this, I wanted to thank all of you who have visited TIGERPATH in the last 7 months by giving a little something back!!! I know all of you are excited about the upcoming football season, so I created the TIGERPATH CONTEST!!! The Rules and Prize information are below, so keep reading!

There are 13 weeks in the college football season. Each week you will pick the winners out of 15 to 20 games. In other words, each week I will list 15 to 20 games and all you have to do is pick who you think will win!!! Sounds easy? - Your right, it is!!! Each Sunday I will post your last week score and the new 15 to 20 game list will be posted for the next weekends games. In addition, weeks 3,5,7,9,11 & 12 will have a bonus question, and the person with the closest answer will win a Logomation Screensaver! Weeks 2,4,6,8 & 10 will also have a bonus question, and the person with the closest answer will win a game-day t-shirt of an upcoming game from Anders Bookstore! If the answer is 250 yards passing and one person has 249 and another has 251, I will look to the bonus question tie-breaker and then the person with the closest answer without going over will be the third option. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY - THIS IS FREE !!! It is my gift to you for being loyal visitors to TIGERPATH. The only thing I ask in return is that you please visit our sponsors. They have been more than kind in offering the prizes for this contest!

10 weeks out of the 13 week season will count towards your final score. The person with the most correct picks, will win the 1st place prize!!! You must have 10 weeks played in order to qualify. If you play all 13 weeks, you only enhance your chances of winning, because I will throw out your worst 3 scores. That will give you a 10 week overall score. Some of you may be busy and miss a couple of weeks, but not to worry, because you can actually miss 3 weeks and still qualify!!! If there is a tie, a tie-breaker will determine the winner. Remember, THIS IS NOT GAMBLING - IT'S A CONTEST!!! - YOU DO NOT PAY TO PLAY !!!

If all of this sounds confusing, it really isn't. Just pick who you think will win the games listed for the first week, and i'll do the rest. Then, come back every week and pick the next week's winners. It's as simple as that!!! All you have to do is complete the pick list below. Any entries that do not have an e-mail address or name will not be accepted. Obviously, if that person won, I wouldn't know how to contact them. Only one entry per person each week will be allowed. PLEASE READ THE RULES SECTION FOR CONCISE DETAILS.

The Rules !!!

The Prizes !!!

Click on the links above to read the rules and to see the prize list!!!


Entries Due By : Thursday, Nov. 26th, 5:00pm (CST)

AP Poll Rank In ( )

ATTENTION : I will send you a confirmation e-mail every week to verify that I recieved your picks for that week, so if you do not recieve a confirmation e-mail by the deadline time, then please re-send your picks. This shouldn't be a problem, but just in case ...

Week of Saturday November 28th.
Results from last week.
Pick the Winner:
(25) Mississippi State at (Thursday) Ole Miss
Louisiana Tech at (Thursday) (11) Tulane
LSU at (Friday) (13) Arkansas
West Virginia at (Friday) Pittsburgh
Colorado at (Friday) (14) Nebraska
(6) Texas A&M at (Friday) Texas
(15) Michigan at (Friday) Hawaii
(17) Georgia Tech at (12) Georgia
(1) Tennessee at Vanderbilt
NC State at North Carolina
(16) Virginia at (20) Virginia Tech
(19) Miami at (21) Syracuse
Michigan State at (23) Penn State
(9) Notre Dame at USC
Grambling at Southern U.

The Logomation Bonus Question!
The Winner gets a free Screensaver from Logomation!

Guess the Final Score of the Miss. State / Ole Miss game - Use either MSU or UM and the score, (Example) MSU 20-17 or UM 17-14. If no one gets the exact score right, then the tie-breaker will determine the winner.

Bonus Question Tie-Breaker :
How many Total Yards (rushing & passing) will Tennessee have against Vandy?

Enter Your Contest Name

And Your E-mail Address.

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