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This is an e-mail from John that should give you a good description of what the Auburn Team Club is all about!!!

War Eagle!!!

We would like to cordially invite you to Join the Auburn Team Club . We are sending this out to all the Auburn fans we can find, so if you've already joined the club we apologize. The Auburn Team Club is a free service for AOL members and it's a great place to find lots of Auburn downloads and information about Auburn. (Unlike public bulletin boards, this area is for Auburn fans ONLY) Again, it is FREE!!! You don't have to meet any other membership requirements. You aren't required to post on our message boards or upload/download files. However, you will find that we're the best place on AOL to find things which are dedicated to Auburn exclusively. There is also a weekly newsletter where you can keep up with the latest in Auburn sports and the team club. We have trivia contests and weekly chats as well. This is a great place to get the scoop on practices or to vent your frustrations about the team. I hope you will join us!

War Eagle,
John Smith

Please feel free to forward this to as many Auburn fans as you want.

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