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Thanks to Joe Webb for his information!

5 Paw History 1986-1998

With all the talk over the years about how important it is to get what I call the 5 Paw (or star) players to boost your recruiting class, I thought I would provide you with a history of Auburn's 5 Paw players, and you can decide for yourself how much it really means. Auburn has always been known to turn so called "average" players into great superstars. Recruiting 5 Paw players really only boost your recruiting rating. I have had many people e-mail me asking why Auburn doesn't get a lot of 5 Paw players anymore, but actually we never did get a lot of them, even in the Pat Dye era. So, don't get caught up in all the hype about 5 Paw recruits, because talent will always be in the eye of our recruiters and not in the eye of recruiting gurus or analyst. War Eagle!!!

Below I've included the number of All-SEC and All Americans that year's recruiting class had. I've also included that year's recruiting class overall and SEC record, and the recruiting rank in the SEC that year. Compare Pat Dye's recruiting numbers and Terry Bowden's numbers near the bottom. Dye obtained less 5 Paw players, but had more All-SEC and All American players.

Terry Bowden Era!!!

Overall:3-8, SEC:1-7, Rated 8th in recruiting in SEC

Robert Malone ..... DL / Mobile, Al. - Partial Qualifier (ACT)
Don Page ..... OLB / Foley, Al. - Failed to qualify, will try and re-sign in Janruary.
Stanford Simmons ..... DB / Ashland, Al. - Failed to qualify, will try and re-sign in 1999 (JUCO).

1997 - 2 All-SEC players
Overall:13-11, SEC:7-10, Rated 5th in recruiting in SEC

James Callier ..... LB / Miami, Fla. - 1 year starter, will be a great one!
Demontray Carter ..... RB / Pensacola, Fla. - 2 year starter, hasn't yet showed his full potential, but is a good steady player.
Asa Fancis ..... LB / Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Academic Casualty
Thomas Pittman ..... DL / Louisiana - Signed with the Montreal Expos for over $500,000 bonus.
Stanford Simmons ..... DB / Ashland, Al. - Failed to qualify

1996 - 2 All-SEC players
Overall:21-15, SEC:11-14, rated 5th in recruiting in SEC

T.J. Meers ..... OL / Atlanta, Ga. - 1 year starter then quit the team, may come back?
Brent Mueller ..... DL / Fairfax, Va. - Back up
Quinton Reese ..... OLB / Birmingham, Al. - 3 year starter, and definately a good one!
Colin Sears ..... OL / Russellville, Al. - 1 year starter, has been a good staedy player.

1995 - 5 All-SEC players, 1 All American
Overall:29-18, SEC:16-17, Rated 2nd in recruiting in SEC

Martavious Houston ..... S / Lauderdale Lakes, Fla. - Freshman All SEC player, had great moments like the Bama game in 1997, but was kicked off the team with off the field legal problems.
Errick Lowe ..... WR / Lake Worth, Fla. - Back up, but a good steady player.
Quinton Reese ..... OLB / Birmingham, Al. - Ineligible
Rick Sealey ..... LB / Miami, Fla. - Quit the team
Takeo Spikes ..... MLB / Sandersville, Ga. - 2nd team All American, freshman All-SEC, All-SEC as a Soph., 118 tackles in 1996, 135 in 1997, 1996 and 1997 Zeke Smith and Mike Kolen awards winner, Butkis Award finalist as both a Sophomore and Junior, turnes pro after Junior season, started with the Cincinnati Bengals as a rookie - one of the best 5 Paw players we've ever had!
Ryan Taylor ..... FS,OLB / Dublin, Ga. - 2 year starter, a good staedy player.

1994 - 2 All-SEC players
Overall:35-11-1, SEC:21-11-1, Rated 5th in recruiting in SEC

Fred Beasley ..... TB,FB / Montgomery, Al. - Freshman All-SEC, great player that was never utilized to his full potential. 2nd leading rusher as a true Freshman, constantly shifted between FB and TB, one of the more selfless players ever at AU.
Charles Dorsey ..... DL / Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - 2 year starter. Selected to play in the 1998 Blue-Gray Classic. A great player that will be sorely missed!
Kevin Gentle ..... PK / Guntersville, Al. - Back up, never made himself worthy of a scholarship.
Patterson Owens ..... DL / Mobile, Al. - Prop 48
Dale Terrell ..... FB / Lakeland, Fla. - Quit after first year.

1993 - 4 All-SEC players
Overall:36-8-1, SEC:23-8-1, Rated 6th in recruiting in SEC

Willie Anderson ..... OT / Prichard, Al. - All-SEC player, 2nd team All American, started since 2nd game as a true Freshman, left early to go pro and started as a rookie for the Cincinnati Bengals at left tackle. A truly great one!
Jesse McCovery ..... TE / Theodore, Al. - 2 year starter, 1996 Shug Jordan Award winner - always a good player, but didn't get his hands on the ball much.

Pat Dye Era!!!

1992 - 4 All-SEC players
Overall:33-9-2, SEC:21-9-2, Rated 7th in recruiting in SEC

Stephen Davis ..... TB / Spartanburg, Sc. - All-SEC player, led SEC in rushing in 1994 with 1,263 yards, tied Bo Jackson's AU record with 17 touchdowns in 1995, 4th all time with 2,811 yards, 5th all time with 5.76 yards per carry average - One of the best running backs we've had in a long time!
Damon Primus ..... DT / Detroit, Mi. - Birmingham News All-SEC player, 1993 Zeke Smith Award winner - a good steady player, great at times!

1991 - 10 All-SEC players, 4 All Americans
Overall:30-12-2, SEC:18-11-2, Rated 5th in recruiting in SEC

Andre Miller ..... DE / Meridian, Ms. - Part-time starter, never reached full potential.
Brian Robinson ..... SS / Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - All American player, all time AU leader with 3 INT returns for TD's, tied for 3rd all time at AU with 13 INT's, led SEC with 8 INT's, 2nd in NCAA in 1994, left after Junior year but not drafted - A great AU player, did have some drug problems later in his AU career, but a great player!

1990 - 7 All-SEC players
Overall:28-14-2, SEC:16-12-2, Rated 4th in recruiting in SEC

Eddie Blake ..... OG / Fayatteville, Tn. - All-SEC, went to the Dolphins, JUCO signee, 2 year starter - A good steady player!
Randy Hart ..... DT / Enterprise, Al. - Started 2 years, a good steady player!

1989 - 6 All-SEC players, 1 All American
Overall:28-16-2, SEC:14-13-2, Rated 1st in recruiting in SEC

Ricky Sutton ..... DE / Tucker, Ga. - 3 year starter, went to the Jacksonville Jaguars - A good steady player, great at times!
Walter Tate ..... DT / Decatur, Ga. - All-SEC player, 2 year starter then quit the team.
Stan White ..... QB / Birmingham, Al. - Frosh All-SEC, went to Giants, 1993 Cliff Hare and Shug Jordan Award winner, career passing leader with 8,016 yards - I always liked Stan, a great player!!
Darrel "Lectron" Williams ..... TB / Prichard, Al. - Freshman All-SEC player, injury plagued, back up - Lectron never really reached his potential.

1988 - 6 All-SEC players, 1 All American
Overall:33-13-1, SEC:18-9-1, Rated 3rd in recruiting in SEC

Herbert Casey ..... WR / Foley, Al. - Started 2 years - Casey had moments of greatness, but was a good steady player!
Tim Cromartie ..... DT / Tallahassee, Fla. - Started 2 years, a good steady player!
Ed King ..... OG / Phenix City, Al. - All American, went to the Browns, started as true Freshman, voted to the AU team of the Century. One of the best OL we've had at Auburn!
Henry Love ..... TB / Douglasville, Ga. - Frosh All-SEC, 3rd on team in rushing as true freshman, quit due to injuries. Never really reached his potential.
Alex Smith ..... TB / College Park, Ga. - back up, a steady back up player!

1987 - 5 All-SEC players, 1 All-American
Overall:37-8-2, SEC:21-4-2, Rated 4th in recruiting in SEC

Harry Mose ..... RB / Lake Wales, Fla. - Scored only TD vs. Alabama in 10-0 win in 1988, had to quit due to injuries, Mose had great moments, a steady player for Auburn!
David Rocker ..... DT / Atlanta, Ga. - All American, went to the Rams, 1990 Zeke Smith Award winner - one of the all time great DL to pass through Auburn!

1986 - 9 All-SEC players, 2 All-American
Overall:39-7-1, SEC:21-4-1, Rated 4th in recruiting in SEC

Brad Johnson ..... OL / Centre, Al. - Part-time starter. Never reached his potential.
James Joseph ..... RB / Phenix City, Al. - All-SEC Player. Freshman All-SEC, finished 10th on the AU all time rushing list for a career with 1,851 yards. A great player who went on to the pros.
Sean Smith ..... DB / Opelika, Al. - Left team due to academics.

Terry Bowden Era 1993-98 (6 recruiting seasons): 25 "5 Paw" recruits, 15 All-SEC players, 1 All American - Averaged being ranked 5th in recruiting in the SEC.

Pat Dye Era 1986-92 (7 recruiting seasons) : 20 "5 Paw" recruits, 47 All-SEC players, 9 All Americans ... Averaged being ranked 4th in recruiting in the SEC.

Great Auburn Players who were not 5 Paw recruits

Reggie Slack      Frank Thomas      Lamar Rogers
Stacey Danley     John Hudson       Fernando Horn
Craig Ogletree    Quentin Riggins   Rob Selby
Victor Hall       Tony Richardson   Terry Solomon
Shayne Wasden     Fred Smith        Leonard Thomas
John Wiley        James Willis      Ken Alvis
Corey Barlow      James Bostic      Dameyune Craig
Darrel Crawford   Anthony Harris    Tyrone Goodson
Chris Gray        Matt Hawkins      Willie Gosha
Fred Baxter       Calvin Jackson    Marcellus Mostella
Wayne Gandy       Harold Morrow     Shannon Suttle
Reid McMilion     Patrick Nix       Jason Bray
Anthony Redmon    Shannon Roubique  Ricky Neal
Thomas Bailey     Frank Sanders     Victor Riley
Alonzo Etheridge  Chris Shelling    Karsten Bailey
Joe Frazier       Jason Taylor      Robert Baker
Otis Mounds       Gary Walker       Jimmy Brumbaugh
Mike Pelton       Andy Fuller       Jeno James
Mark Smith        Rusty Williams    Leonardo Carson
Jeff Dunlap       Haven Fields      Jaret Holmes
Antwoine Nolan    Brad Ware         Marcus Washington
Larry Casher      Heath Evans       Rob Pate
Clifton Robinson  Michael Burks     Gabe Gross

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