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I have been asked in the past how much would it cost to advertise on Tigerpath. Until now, I never considered having any advertising banners on Tigerpath, but the cost and time to keep this monster going has made me re-consider. I spend a considerable amount of time updating and researching for Tigerpath, and I hope the hard work shows! There are also many cost involved in maintaining this website, including hardware, software and server cost. I would like to offer more games to visitors to Tigerpath in which prizes would be awarded, but this requires a great deal of money and time as well. If you own a business or have a product that you would like to advertise to a targeted audience, then Tigerpath can help you out! Read below for rates, size of banners, Tigerpath Statistics and contact information.

Tigerpath Statistics!!!

As you can imagine, Tigerpath reaches people all over the world. It has become somewhat of a hub for Auburn fans all over the country to come together and be a part of the Auburn Internet Family. To date, I've had visitors from Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Norway, England, United Arab Emirates, Finland and Spain! Thousands of new computer owners enter the Internet every day!

Tigerpath began on the 13th of January, 1998. Obviously, the first month and a half was a time of heavy construction work. Tigerpath had landed on its feet by the beginning of March, 1998. In the first year of existence (1/13/98 to 1/13/99), Tigerpath had 47,540 hits and the hits have increased by 950% from January 13, 1998 to January 13, 1999. During the month of January 1999 alone, Tigerpath received 30,915 hits. To date, Tigerpath includes 50 separate pages and has been ranked as high as #111 out of 5,300 sports websites that are rated by World 1000. That put Tigerpath in the top 2% of all sports sites rated by World 1000. The World 1000 button link can be found on the Tigerpath Homepage.

Banner Sizes!!!

I make this as simple as possible for you as a business. I am willing to work with you on the banner advertisements. If you already have a banner advertisement for your business or product, then just send it to me and I will make the necessary adjustments to accomodate the space on Tigerpath. I will then send it back to you for your approval. Some examples of banner ads are on my "Tigerpath Contest!!!" link located on the Tigerpath Homepage.

If you don't have a banner ad, then most likely I can make one for you. Once I make your banner ad, I will then send it to you for your approval.

Advertising Rates!!!

There are several options to choose from. This will greatly help me with maintaining cost. Many of you participated in the Tigerpath Contest this Football season. I would like to do more contests for my loyal visitors to Tigerpath. A "March Madness", NFL Playoff, College Bowl season and the Tigerpath Contest will be created annually if I can receive proper compensation for the prizes given out!

First: Advertising the straight forward way! To place a banner ad on the Tigerpath Homepage, the cost is $100 p/month. The cost to place a banner ad on the Tigerpath Football page is $75 p/month. The cost to place a banner ad on any other Tigerpath page is $50 p/month. You choose how many months you want your banner ad to run!

Second : Roll with the Seasons! This is really quarterly advertising with one twist. You will have the option to move your banner ad around each quarter in order to maximize visibility! Say you place your banner ad on the Tigerpath Football page on October 1st to catch the football season, then your banner can be moved to the Tigerpath Recruiting page on Janruary 1st to catch the recruiting season, and then it would be moved to the Tigerpath Basketball page on March 1st just in time for March Madness! Then on May 1st, your banner would be placed on the Tigerpath Baseball page to catch the SEC Baseball Tournament and College World Series! The cost to Roll With The Seasons is $200 a quarter (3 months). You choose how many and which quarters you want to target!

Third : Individual Contribution! If you don't want to commit to any advertising program, but you like Tigerpath and would like to help me with the time and cost, e-mail Tigerpath under the "Contact" section below for the mailing address!

Any variation of these three options will be welcomed. I am open to suggestions! Tigerpath will not be held responsible for rate adjustment in case of power outage, or temporary server maintenance. However, any long term disruption will be adjusted.

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