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Parrothead IQ Test

1. In "Flesh and Bone", where does Jimmy want to run away to?
a. Key West
b. Timbuktu
c. Margaritaville
d. The Caribbean

2. What does Jimmy like to wipe his Gumbo bowl with?
a. A piece of French bread
b. His Fingers
c. His Tongue
d. Beignets

3. What is the name of the falls Jimmy refers to in "Beach House on the Moon"?
a. Cameron
b. Virginia
c. Savannah
d. Victoria

4. Who asks Jimmy to recommend a housekeeper in "Gypsies
in the Palace"?

a. Harrison Ford
b. 'Fingers' Taylor
c. Glenn Frey
d. Michael Utley

5. What does the character in "He Went to Paris" do for a living?
a. Plays the piano
b. Sings
c. Paints
d. Is a sculptor

6. In "Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling", Jimmy says it's human nature to do what?
a. Screw Up
b. Misconstrue
c. Miscalculate
d. Deceive

7. What does Jimmy say is calling him in "Island Fever"?
a. His Wife
b. The Old Days
c. A Hammock
d. The Ocean

8. How does Jimmy like his cheeseburgers?
a. With warm beer and bread
b. With Zucchini and bulger wheat
c. With lettuce, tomato & Heinz 57
d. With sprouts and guacamole

9. What kind of tattoo did Jimmy get in "Margaritaville"?
a. A rose
b. A Mexican cutie
c. Mom
d. An anchor

10. According to "Migration", what would be a better use for
mobile homes?

a. Beer cans
b. Prisons
c. Sink them to make artificial reefs
d. Military target practice

Answers & Scoring Below!

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IQ Test Answers:

1)B, 2)A, 3)D, 4)C, 5)A, 6)C, 7)C, 8)C, 9)B, 10)A


10 = Parrot-Master, You're in Margaritaville!
8-9 = Jolly Mon, you almost made it!
6-7 = You're Quietly Making Noise
4-5 = Buy a grass skirt, drink lots of Corona and try again Come Monday
2-3 = You're on a Slow Boat to China
1 = You'll Never Work in Dis Bidness Again!

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