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You can buy these CDs and read the lyrics by visiting Margaritaville and also be sure to look for Jimmy's Live video "Live by the Bay" that was released in 1985. It was recorded at Marine Stadium in Miami as some fans watched from their boats. It's a great video, and you can click HERE to purchase it!

Down To Earth (1970)
High Cumberland Jubilee (1971)
A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean (1973)
Living and Dying in 3/4 Time (1974)
A1A (1974)
Rancho Deluxe Soundtrack (1975)
Havana Daydreamin' (1976)
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes (1977)
Son of a Son of a Sailor (1978)
"You Had To Be There" (Live)(1978)
Volcano (1979)
Coconut Telegraph (1980)
Somewhere Over China (1981)
One Particular Harbour (1983)
Riddles in the Sand (1984)
Last Mango in Paris (1985)
Songs You Know by Heart (Greatest Hits)(1985)
Floridays (1986)
Hot Water (1988)
Off to See the Lizard (1989)
Feeding Frenzy (Live)(1990)
Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (Box Set)(1992)

Margaritaville Cafe-Late Night Menu (Compilation)(1993)

Before the Beach (Down to Earth & High Cumberland Jubilee)(1993)

Fruitcakes (1994)
Barometer Soup (1995)

Margaritaville Cafe-New Orleans-Late Night Gumbo (Compilation)(1995)

Banana Wind (1996)
Christmas Island (1996)
Don't Stop the Carnival (1998)
Beach House on the Moon (1999)

Jimmy will be releasing a new Live album coming late summer, early fall!